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Interior Details & Color Samples
FORD Builds Quality Seat Covers in a variety of patterns and colors! In the manufacture of FORD SEAT COVERS, every fabric is individually tested to meet rigid specifications as to thread count, size of thread and weight of materials. All FORD SEAT COVERS materials are put through a series of rigid test to prove tensile strength resistance to wear, resistance to fading, and color "fastness". FORD SEAT COVERS made of fiber or plastic have interlocking seams that leave no exposed edges to fray or cut. They also have a double stitching through four thickness of materials for greater strength. All hems are "double-rolled" for increased ability to resist strains. Only nylon thread is used to join plastic and simulated leather. (Thanks Ford Motor Company)
A Special Thanks to Tom Gilbertson from NJ for the Ford Factory "Color & Upholstery Book" for the Interior & Exterior Sections.


Fairlane 500 Models, and Country Squire Station Wagon, carpet was standard equipment, except the Convertible. Cloth covered stitching along finished edges of carpet. All other models had Rubber Floor Mat Covering with jud backing as standard equipment.






(Soft Trim Codes and Color Description)

A - Silver & Gray Stanung Vinyl & Gray Random Block Fabric
E - Starmist Chain-Grain Vinyl & Blue-Dash or Blue Dart Fabric
F - Woodsmoke Chain-Grain Vinyl & Gray-Dash or Gray Dart Vinyl
G - Doeskin Chain-Grain Vinyl & Gray Silver-Dash or Gray Dart Vinyl
H - White Vinyl & Blue Tropical-Leaf or Blue Silver-Shadow Fabric
J - White Vinyl & Green Tropical-Leaf or Green Silver-Shadow Fabric
K - White Vinyl & Gray Tropical-Leaf Fabric
L - White Vinyl & Brown Tropical-Leaf or Brown Silver-Shadow Fabric
R - Gray Basket-Weave Fabric & Gray Sculptured Fabric
S - Brown Basket-Weave & Brown Sculptured Fabric
T - Gold Basket-Weave & Black Sculptured Fabric
U - White Vinyl & Black Silver-Shadow Fabric
X - White Vinyl & Blue Silver Tweed Woven Plastic or White Vinyl & Blue Silver
Tweed Puff Woven Plastic
AA - White Vinyl & Black Embossed Vinyl
AB - White Vinyl & Blue Embossed Vinyl or Blue French Stitch Vinyl
AC - White Vinyl & Green Embossed Vinyl or Pleated Green Vinyl
AE - Dark Brown Vinyl
AJ -
White Vinyl & Red Silver-Shadow Fabric
AM - Colonial Vinyl and Pleated Doeskin Vinyl
AN -
Green Chain-Grain Vinyl & Dart or Silver Dash Fabric
AR - Blue Basket-Weave Fabric & Blue Sculptured Fabric
AS - Green Basket-Weave Fabric & Green Sculptured Fabric
AT - Black Vinyl & Gold Ripple-Wave Fabric
AU - White Vinyl & Red Embossed or Red Pleated Vinyl
AX - Doeskin Vinyl & Tan Sharkskin Woven Plastic
AZ - Doeskin Vinyl & Tan Silver-Tweed or Tan Puff Woven Plastic
BC - Blue Airweave Vinyl
BD - Green Airweave Vinyl
BE - Black Airweave Vinyl
BF - Red Airweave Vinyl
BG - Brown Airweave Vinyl



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