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Sheer performance, in all its phases, has become inseparably associated with FORD. On the Race Tracks of America Ford has demonstrated its lightning-like acceleration, its sizzling speed down the straight stretches, its agile ability to take tight turns, its rugged stamina from flag-fall to flag-fall. Proved in the white-hot heat of Comprtition, Ford performance is just as impressive on the highway as it is in the home stretch; as impressive on back roads as it is in the back stretch. That is the reason the American public has made Ford the largest-selling V-8 in the world! The '57 Ford has even greater share of this traditional Ford performance than before......... championship performance delivered by the widest engine choice in Ford history, ranging from the popular Mileage Maker Six and 190-horsepower Ford V-8 clear up to a brand-new Thunderbird 312 Supercharged V-8 that delivers 300 hp!............... The power streaming from these great engines is translated into superb performance with the help of whole Ford. Every Ford component plays its part; the wider, more rugged frame... the new swept-back front suspension... the longer wheelbase... the more responsive steering... they all combine with the mighty Ford engines to give you performance that is unequaled on road or raceway.......... All this get -up-and-go is encased in style that will make your heart sing. The '57 Ford is long, low and lovely on the outside, elegant and luxurious on the inside. It will satisfy your desire for beauty... it will answer your demand for performance... and do it at low Ford prices. " ACTION TEST THE '57 FORD AT YOUR LOCAL FORD DEALER"........ THANKS TO: 1957 Daytona Race Program. Thanks to Roger Sprouse for sending this in.

2001.... John Feistritzer of Selma, IN and the "Hoosier Hurricane" at "Ford Expo 2001" Love this picture. Thanks Bob Martin for the great photo.............

2001....John Feistritzer "Hoosier Hurricane" on the way to another win. Thanks Bob Martin for the photo

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