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RANCH WAGON MODEL: # 59A Base Price 8Cyl: $2,401 plus opt. Shipping Weight: lbs. Production Run: 60,486 units

Record Count: 270. Displaying: 1 - 30
Joe, San Rafael,CA Great picture,just love it. This car is all original, look at this puppy!! He is the third owner. The car was built in Mahwah,NJ plant by his father. 292 V8 Ford-O-matic
Mike, Texas, Nice Wagon ! check out the roof rack. It got the job done. Picture taken in the early 60's !!!
This is "GoodGuys" number one "Street Rod for 2000" A super car!!! About time a FORD got it and it's Ford powered
This car is a must see. Words just don't do it justice. It may be a little wild, but she is a '57 Ford Ranch Wagon bad to the bone.
Thanks to "Mustang & Fords" for showing other cars than a Mustang. The Photo work done by Rob Reaser, great shots.
Car owner Terry Stonecipher, Phoenix, AR
Terry, Power a plenty!! 460 V8 , 30 over, dual 4's, backed up with a C6 Trans Terry, Nice Interior, Ford steering wheel and lumbar seats.
Nice drawing !!!! Thanks Mike from Texas.
GoodGuys Indy 2001
GoodGuys Indy 2001 GoodGuys Indy 2001
GoodGuys Indy 2001
GoodGuys, Columbus, Ohio, July 2001
NICE PAIR!!!!!!!!!!!
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