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Models - 58B FAIRLANE "500" TOWN SEDAN


Fairlane "500" Town Sedan Model # 58B Base Price 6Cyl: $2,333 plus opt. Base Price 8Cyl: $2,433 plus opt. Shipping Weight: Production Run: 193,162 units

Record Count: 418. Displaying: 1 - 30
The life of a parts car. She's worth more in pieces than whole. John, Massachuetts, A real nice driver
Can never get enough of this great salavage yard pics. Thanks again Mike from Texas. Easy entry, graceful exit are part of this low, long lovely's charm. Passengers sit lower and within Ford's contoured frame for greater comfort, greater safety. And just look at the rich hues of the matching trim and seat fabric. There's a wide choice to match your personal taste.
V8, Auto V8, Auto, AC
Ron Hurd, GA 312 V8, Ford-o-Matic Factory Air
292 V8 Ford-o-Matic
312 V8, Auto
312 V8, 3sp
292 V8, Auto, P/S
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