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COUNTRY SEDAN (6 PASSENGER) MODEL: #79D Base Price 6Cyl: $2,451 plus opt. Base Price 8Cyl: $ 2,551 plus opt. Shipping Weight: lbs. Production Run: 137,251 units

Record Count: 355. Displaying: 1 - 30
New Wrap-around liftgate (with smart wrap-around glass) has new C-type hinges with concealed assist springs that automatically raise gate 1/3 open when latch is released. Knurled knobs lock gate open.
Completely new tailgate is supported in the "down" position by two hinged support arms at sides. These extra-strong supports let the huge, flush deck hold just about everything you can fit in. Cutaway shows new, two-step, lift-type latch release.
Beautiful Latch !!!!
Doug Schmit, This little wagon has been in his family sense new and Doug is going to make it new again. Thanks for saving another '57 Ford...
Dave Smith, Akron, Ohio.... Dave has done a great job on returning this little wagon to where it belongs. "Back On The Road" Dave started here!!!
Coming apart!!!
Look-in good Dave!! Thanks Dave for the great pictures!!
11/21/02.. 12/15/02.. Photo's by David Lindsay, CA 2002
12/15/02.. Photo's by David Lindsay, CA 2002 12/15/02.. Photo's by David Lindsay, CA 2002
12/15/02.. Photo's by David Lindsay, CA 2002..Thanks David for all the great Photo's.. Rick Coder..... Richmond, TX. Rick is restoring this little Country Sedan. More pictures to come..........
02/16/03.. 02/16/03.. Rick Coder, TX
02/16/03.. 02/16/03.. Rick Coder, TX... A head light fender extension and a little work it will be like new.... Have fun Rick.....
03/10/03.. 03/10/03..
04/13/03.. 04/13/03..
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