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Custom Tudor Sedan Model; #70A Base Price 6Cyl: $1,991 plus opt. Base Price 8Cyl: $2,091 plus opt. Shipping Weight: Production Run: 116,963 units
The '57 FORD ""CUSTOM" The distinguished Custom Series possess all the "Inner Ford" features that make the "57 Fords ride silent, solid and secure. These cars are longer, lower, livelier than ever .... yet they're offered at lowest Ford prices! Also, you can have any model in Ford's widest range of power choices---from the Mileage Maker Six, the most powerful 6_cylinder engine in the industry, up to the Thunderbird 312 Supercharged V-8 !! Once you see its sculptured-in-steel beauty, you'll agree the Custom Series is the greatest thing that ever happened for your purse and pulse. Like all '57 Fords, its standard engine is designed for regular gasoline. Pick your GO...and LOVE it!!! Under the counterbalanced deck lid you'll find a regular "cavern" of luggage space!!!

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Look at these luxury interiors with sofa-soft seat construction! One admiring glance tells you that they hit a new high in fine-car fashion and comfort. Just a super pic!!!!!
Check out "'57 Fords Forever" at Yahoo Clubs. Great chat room for '57 Ford lovers. Hey guys thanks for the great picture. Real neat T-Shirt Transfers too !! Thanks Rod and Custom Magazine!!
The "Custom" found favor with the stock car set. A 312 dual 4's and supercharged-V8 was untouchable!!!! This car was driven by Marvin Panch at Daytona Beach, FL This what you call a real stock!!
Thanks Hot Rod Mag.& Alan Smithee
Number "1" in racing back then too!!
Thanks Hot Rod Mag. & Alan Smithee
Add seat belts go racing !!
Thanks Hot Rod Mag. & Alan Smithee
Race Engine!!
Thanks Hot Rod Mag & Alan Smithee
Looks like a 1-2 finish to me!! Ralph Moody and Troy Rutman. Ralph Moody (NC)won all three USAC races run at the Milwaukee Mile in 1957. Thanks Tom Drummond for the great info and pictures
This is a picture of Mike Klapak's USAC stock car. Taken in 1957 at the Milwaukee Mile!! Thanks Tom Drummond for the great picture! F-Code 312 "SUPERCHARGED" A super clean car.
"WOW" THIS IS SO NICE!!!!!!!!!!!
Another great salavage yard picture from Mike in Texas. Thanks Randy, Wisc. Great parts, parts cars, and drivers too. Check it out:
Randy, Wisc. Parts car!!! Mike, Texas, A real nice straight, solid, and unmolested with original paint. Even the black & white look good
I'd like to see this one close up !!
Mike, Texas Mike, Texas, These old black and white pic's are real nice
Mike, Texas, The grill and nose of this puppy show no ware. Low miles and only driven locally. Mike, Texas Lookin good!! I like the Willow Green paint!! 312 V8 3 sp on the tree
A clean 312 V8 Desmonies, IA
Thompson, Harmony,IN A real nice, nice car. Very low miles. New paint and American Racing Wheels. Thompson, Hamony,IN A little new upholstery work, back to original look.
Just super clean!!
Thompson, New paint original color. Willow Green & Colainal White. This is just around nice car!! Bobby, NC, Looks like an old stocker, just real clean!!
Bobby, yea, stocker until you raise the hood and see mountain motor "Boss 429"
and top loader 4sp. Hold on tight!!
Bobby, NC, The original look of the interior is real nice.
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